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Welcome to the UTSC Library Digital Scholarship Unit

Our Work

Data Acquisition & Normalization

The University of Toronto Libraries licenses multiple datasets for users, as well as key software packages for manipulating data. Explore the Map and Data Library website to learn more about the libraries' resources, or contact your liaison librarian for help finding data and shaping/cleaning data to support your research.

Data Preservation

Keep your data safe and accessible by designing workflows at the start of your project and understand your options for deposit into a repository and getting a long-term identifier for your data. There are also resources on the University of Toronto Libraries Research Data Website.


The UTSC Library partners with the Internet Archives and Scanning Services located at the University of Toronto Robarts Library to digitize most of our local archives.  Reproduction services for items in our Archives & Special Collections are also available. The DSU can also help you plan your digitization project. 

Graduate Student and Faculty Training

The DSU trains Faculty and Graduate students to complete technical project tasks and coordinate the work of workstudy students. We also maintain an 'Emerging Professionals' program to give current students and recent graduates practical experience.

Metadata Management

The DSU can help you describe your data and understand how to structure it, crosswalk it, and how to design workflows and data dictionaries.

Project Consultation and Curriculum Development

Librarians in our unit have experience managing projects and incorporating digital scholarship methods into classroom assignments. Learn more about our Teaching & Learning work on this website.  

Referral Services

The Digital Scholarship Unit is a UTSC-specific gateway to services available throughout the UTL system and beyond. Visit downtown's DSS webpages. 

Scholarly Communication

Access help with all aspects of scholarly communication, including understanding open access grant requirements, permissions and copyright, and deposit into TSpace. We can also advise on storage, and research metrics and open publishing, including using Pressbooks and OJS

Software Development

The DSU tests and develops Islandora software and participates in the Islandora community. The University of Toronto Libraries are Partners in the Islandora Foundation and support Duraspace. We also work with student in computer science on Faculty research projects through our Emerging Professionals Program. We can also support your access of Digital Research Alliance of Canada Resources resources for research and website hosting.

Data Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words - we can help you design the best visualizations for analysis and communication of your research. In addition to regular data visualization workshops through our DigitalScholarship@ UTSC series, you can contact your liaison librarian to schedule a consultation about visualization.

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