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Constellate: A new platform to learn text analysis

Are you interested in analyzing large bodies of texts, or teaching text analysis in your class? Join us to learn about Constellate, a new tool for text analysis. Constellate provides tools for building a large dataset, using items from JSTOR and other collections, cleaning it, analyzing it using a range of tools, and visualizing the results. For advanced users, or those wishing to learn Python, the platform also offers customizable Python scripts along with hands-on tutorials. This session will introduce users to Constellate, show how to create a dataset and visualizations, and then will touch on some of the advanced options.

For more information about Constellate, including instructions on how to access it with full access, see our guide to Constellate.

Also, note that Constellate will be offering three, week long classes:

  • Introduction to Python (November 2-5)
  • Opening, Writing, and Cleaning Data with Python (November 30-December 3)
  • Text Analysis for Humanists (December 14-17)

A link to join the event online will be sent to registrants.

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