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Data Resources for Entrepreneurs

This workshop is part of the UTSC Library Entrepreneurship Research Workshops and Digital Scholarship @ UTSC


  • Mariana Jardim, Management Liaison Librarian | The BRIDGE, University of Toronto Scarborough Library
  • Sarah Shujah, Liaison Librarian & Entrepreneurship Librarian | The BRIDGE, University of Toronto Scarborough Library

Preparing a business pitch and developing a business idea requires you to have data on your target market. You need data to inform decisions on your business plan, data on your competitors, and if you want to be innovative in your industry you need data to tell you a story on performance and opportunity. Data literacy for entrepreneurs is essential. This session will help you identify your data needs, find relevant data using specialized library resources, and evaluate and synthesize data using critical thinking.  

Learning outcomes  

  • You will describe types of data in order to understand why you need data to inform your business idea.  
  • You will identify your information need and find the data that best addresses your startup research question. 
  • You will use logical judgment and critical thinking to synthesize and analyze data from multiple sources. 

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