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A Friendly Introduction to Python for Absolute Beginners: Part 2

Interested in learning to program but don't know where to start? This hands-on workshop will build on the concepts introduced in A Friendly Introduction to Python for Absolute Beginners: Part 1 to introduce you to more basic concepts of one of the world's most popular programming languages, Python! This Part 2 introduction to Python includes concepts such as compound data types, flow control, error handling, and reading & writing files. This workshop will establish a foundation to start exploring Python, and help to get rid of any nervousness you might have about learning to code. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask any questions and practice as we go!

This workshop is designed for absolute beginners with no previous experience with programming. However, it is recommended that participants have completed the Part 1 workshop, or reviewed the content of the notebook beforehand.

Map & Data Library workshops, such as this one, are a welcoming and inclusive environment for learning. To learn more, check out our Code of Conduct.

A link to join the event online will be sent to registrants.

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