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Intro to ArcGIS Online

This session will occur online and is facilitated by the University of Toronto Scarborough Library. It is part of the library's Digital Tools Series: 4 workshops( Podcasting with Audacity, Intro to OBS, Advanced OBS, and Intro to ArcGIS Online)

This workshop will provide an overview of geographic information for individuals who have data they want to map or analyze to understand if what they are studying demonstrates variability across space (e.g., across an environmental region, between neighbourhoods in a city region). A wide variety of tools for working with geographic data are now available from commercial vendors, open source projects, and online hosted services. The workshop will present an overview of tools and services that participants could use to perform some basic management of geographic data and to publish web maps of their data.


  • David Kwasny, Digital Projects & Technologies Librarian, University of Toronto Scarborough Library
  • Sarah Shujah, Liaision Librarian, University of Toronto Scarborough Library

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