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Introduction to Data Visualization Using Tableau Desktop

Data visualization gives us a better understanding of our data and helps us communicate that to others. It has the potential to generate insights, communicate findings, and illustrate evidence. Conversely, a poor visualization can undermine an argument or even mislead the reader.

Through a combination of lecture and demonstrations, this 1-hour online workshop will provide an introduction to data visualization using a common data visualization tool, Tableau Desktop. Participants will create visualizations such as a line graph of average temperature by month, a treemap of population by world regions, and a stacked bar graph of word frequencies in Romeo and Juliet.

This is a short, introductory workshop. If you would like to learn more on these topics, you are encouraged to self-enroll in our longer, online, self-paced workshops:

For more information on Data Visualization and services offered by the libraries, see our Data Visualization Guide.

A link to join the event online will be sent to registrants.

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