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Teaching and Learning

The UTSC Library's DSU provides high quality experiential, curricular and co-curricular learning for students at UTSC. We also collaborate with faculty and CTL staff on the creation of assignments in digital scholarship and digital research. Explore this page to learn more about our activities in this area. Instructors, we encourage you to contact your liaison if you are interested in working with the library on digital scholarship related learning outcomes.

Pedagogy Projects

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Emerging Professionals Program

The UTSC Library plays an important role in student experience, and one of these ways is by providing quality employment and co-op/practicum placements. The Emerging Professionals program seeks to do the following: 

  • Standardize processes for posting, hiring, and evaluating student experience to develop benchmarks and KPIs that will allow these activities to improve in quality over time. 
  • Enable a holistic perspective on these activities, which can be used to inform practice as well as objectively demonstrate the value provided by the library for students.
  • Maximize matching fund opportunities to stretch available funding and make the program more robust. 
  • Create strong professional connections with future information and IT professionals. 


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Digital Scholarship @UTSC

The Digital Scholarship @UTSC event series seeks to bring together workshops and events in partnership with other UTSC and tri-campus partners under one umbrella to help our community discover great digital scholarship training and events.

If you would like to be notified when new events are published, you can subscribe the the UTSC Library Digital Scholarship Listserv (DIGITALSCHOLARSHIP-UTSC-L) by sending the following command to

sub DIGITALSCHOLARSHIP-UTSC-L yourfirstname yourlastname 


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Hogarth in Context

A website is dedicated to William Hogarth (1697-1764), a well-known eighteenth-century painter and engraver. Content for this website is created by students in third and fourth year undergraduate English courses at the University of Toronto Scarborough, beginning in 2015. Students annotate the works of William Hogarth, providing context for his works. Contact Anne Milne  to learn more. 


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Open Source for Digital Communication & Learning Objects

Within this book, you will learn the necessary skills to create professional live streaming events, podcasts, and video content. Each section will provide a guide to understanding each of these open source technologies and methods of using them. While this book has a focus on digital communication and learning objects, there is no single way to create any of these media types. This book will provide you with techniques and features that are useful in the development of both digital communication and the development of learning objects.